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Automatic optical final inspection of compressor wheels so that the turbo charger works perfectly.

What are Compressor wheels?

Compressor wheels are key components in turbo chargers and ensure increased performance and efficiency of internal combustion engines. Revolutions of up to 200,000 rpm and temperatures of more than 1,000 °C place high demands on material, geometric stability and balance of the compressor wheels.


The compressor wheels should be automatically identified and tested in the final inspection up to an external diameter of 62mm, so that only defect-free and single-origin components are installed in the turbocharger.

The complex part geometry, the variance of the surfaces with variable balance removals, the wide variety of types with sometimes slightest differences of the types and the extremely variable printing represent a challenge for the image processing solution. 

What needs to be checked?

The following concrete inspections take place in the individual stations:

  • Measurement Diameter of hub (inside and outside) and bore
  • Checking for presence of chamfer and width of the hub phase
  • Verification of the number and direction of rotation of the blades
  • Verification of possible blade bending
  • Measurement of the entry diameter based on the blade endpoints)
  • Surface inspection hub surface (dents, scratches, pressure marks…) with masking of any existing type-specific balance removals.
  • Checking for edge damage of the hub edges
  • Measurement Diameter of flat surface (PF) wheel back (inside and outside) and bore
  • Checking for presence of chamfer and possibly width of the PF phase
  • Measurement of the outer diameter of wheel back
  • Determination of the exit diameter - if available
  • Verification of the plain text printing (OCV) for characters from a font height of 1.5 mm

How was the task solved?

With a multi camera solution combining surface inspection and precise optical measurement with CV_Inspect from Octum

Which other components were used?

3 camera stations with bi-telecentric optics, high-resolution 16MP, 8MP and 4MP cameras and adjusted LED lighting.




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