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Visual inspection systems from Octum – to make sure you get every detail right!

Automatic inspection systems from Octum have also proven to be robust tools for quality assurance, process control and traceability in other branches such as the electrical industry or plastic industry. Thanks to innovative technological solutions, our inspection systems can find even the slightest printing errors or LCD display errors. We measure you critical components in the production cycle with high precision and reproducibly. We check the correct assembly of small parts such as switches and contactors or fully assembled, large assemblies such as chain saws. We have the right solution even when a 3D inspection or detection is needed.

In the plastic industry the visual inspection systems are used either for automatic production control or mold control. The inspection of the products ensures that no over or under injection exists and the dimensions and surface properties of the parts are correct.

The in-line mold control ensures that no casting residue gets into the tool. Casting residues inevitably lead to flawed products and the earlier an error is discovered in the tool, the less waste is produced. Casting residues can also damage the expensive tools which are often the customer's own property and can thus lead to production downtimes and image problems.

By automatic inspection according to objective criteria, our image processing systems ensure a trouble-free process in material logistics, guarantee the traceability of every single product and make sure that only fault-free parts leave the production line according to your quality criteria. 

Examples of applications in the electrical and plastic industries:

  • Printing inspection on all types of components
  • High-resolution display and LCD inspection 
  • Plug inspection including wobble circle determination
  • 2D and 3D dimension, completeness, surface and assembly inspection
  • Reading of DPM codes (DataMatrix) and characters on all parts



Successful Octum Trade Fairs 2014!

With the Fair Motek in Stuttgart, Octum concluded a successful Trade Fair year 2014.

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