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Visual inspection systems in the medical technology industry cover the following areas:

Inspection pipettes, cups and droppers

  • injection errors
  • defects in shape
  • dimensional inspection
  • color inspection
  • bunch inspection
  • flange inspection
  • inside and outside diameter
  • roundness inspection
  • flash / burrs inspection
  • presence and foreign particle inspection
  • completeness in the rack

Inspection plastic syringe

  • injection error
  • scratch
  • damage
  • foreign particle inspection
  • length or dimension check
  • presence and quality Luer lock adapter
  • silicone coating defects
  • thread presence inspection

Inspection container

  • damaged and scratched container
  • dark & light spots on the container and tab
  • damaged side clip
  • damaged & scratched tab
  • contour and geometry inspection
  • correct fit of the tab
  • position and length of the tab
  • inspection of glass, plastic, or metal containers

Inspection calibrator

  • color inspection
  • closure inspection
  • label inspection (presence, seat, spiral offset, content, code reading ...)
  • gap measurement

Inspection plastic bottles

  • type inspection(correct lid / bottle)
  • color inspection
  • reading and verification of codes and characters
  • shape deviations of the bottle bottom

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