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Visual inspection systems from Octum – safety with no buts!

Since the company was established, we have been supplying visual inspection systems for the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology. With every installation, our customers benefit from these years of experience in an environment where safety is the number one priority. As certified by numerous audits and references, our inspection systems can be validated according to the GAMP qualification package and 21 CFR Part 11. We will also be glad to support you with the qualification of our systems on site. Our inspection systems are based on standardized software libraries of our partners Cognex or MVTEC and company-internal standardized hardware and software modules.

Together with our partners, we supply suitable track & trace serialization solutions for the implementation of new legal regulations, e.g. new EU directive for forgery-proof medicines. New technological demands are also transferred consistently to the solutions. 

Visual inspection systems in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology cover the following areas:

Vial inspection in filling and capping systems:

  • Empty glass and level check
  • Gap and plug seat check
  • Crimp and label check
  • Completeness and packing pattern check of the overpack

Ampoule inspection:

  • Inflated ampoule
  • Collapsed ampoule
  • Open ampoule
  • Glass fibers
  • Burn marks
  • Height control
  • Contour inspection and rounding inspection of the tip

Wound material inspection:

  • Contamination and sealing
  • Dimensions and shapes
  • Structure and completeness of layers
  • Print check

Syringe inspection:

  • Mounting dimensions
  • Plunger assembly
  • Misalignment of syringe tops
  • Spalling on the finger flange
  • LLA inspection
  • Syringe length
  • Position and printing of labels
  • Reading codes
  • Completeness in the syringe nest

Optical inspection systems in medical technology cover the following areas:

Container inspection:

  • Broken containers
  • Scratched containers
  • Dark spots on containers
  • Light spots on containers
  • Destroyed side clip
  • Broken & scratched tab
  • Dark & bright spots on the tab
  • Contour and geometry inspection
  • Correct seating of the tab
  • Position and length of the tab
  • Inspection of glass, plastic or metal containers

Dropper inspection

  • particle control
  • injection moulding errors
  • form error
  • inner diameter infusion and air hole
  • flange check
  • roundness verification
  • webs / ridge
  • colour inspection
  • tilting air tube

Pipette und Cup inspection

  • injection molding error
  • formal error
  • dimensional inspectio
  • inside and outside diameter
  • presence tip forefront
  • roundness inspection
  • curvature / default
  • webs / ridge
  • presence and particle inspection filter
  • completeness in rack

    Inspection plastic syringes

    • injection moulding error
    • scratches
    • damages
    • particle
    • lengths and dimensional inspection
    • silicone mistakes
    • presence and quality luer lock adapter
    • presence inspection thread

    Calibrator inspection

    • colour inspection
    • cap monitoring
    • label inspection (presence,location, spiral offset, content, code reading...)
    • gab measurement

    Plastic bottle inspection

    • variant control (correct cap/ bottle)
    • colour inspection
    • reading and verification of codes
    • geometrical error of bottle base

    Printing inspection

    • Edge distance outside/inside
    • angular position of numbers / script
    • character size
    • complete print
    • printing trace
    • printing colour
    • presence inspection


    Together we will find also for your specific request the suitable economic, functional and usable solution.

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