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The development of our company is focused on growth. We have summarised some of the latest developments that support this on this page.

10 years Motek – Thank you for your visit!

The Motek in Stuttgart (international trade fair for production and assembly automation) has closed the doors - time for a little summary.

In OCTUM´s fair history, this year's fair was the most successful Motek over the last 10 years. OCTUM was able to generate huge...

3D Inspection Indexable Inserts

Indexable inserts are the ceaseless hard-workers and all-rounders in modern machine tools. In order to leave flawless surfaces after machining, the indexable insert edges must not show any signs of damage. The indexable inserts are therefore replaced regularly at fixed...

Experience and trust form a solid foundation for success.

2017 – a new record year for OCTUM!

OCTUM was again successful in increasing incoming orders and sales volume which rose by more than 16% compared to 2016. This positive development led to a further expansion of the workforce and increased spending on R&D.