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3D-OCR guarantees traceability of rails


In rail manufacturing 100% identification of any single rail segment is a must. For this identification there is a standardized marking according to DIN EN 13674-1-2008 with eight alphanumeric characters. The characters are stamped on the side of the rail,...

Defect free vials due to automated inspection of bordercaps!


Vials are used in the pharmaceutical industry as recipients for liquid or solid products. The rubber plug on top of the vial allows the aseptic extraction of the liquid by needle penetration. In the manufacturing process vials are sterilized, filled and sealed...

Wrong filling? Not with 3D package inspection from Octum!

Safety is the top priority in the pharmaceutical industry, this relates also to the complete logistical chain from the individual packaging to the bundle, box and transport pallet. Besides of 100% identification of all products and packages the correct filling of...