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Code recognition and label verification for increased security.

Clear marking and identification provide the prerequisite for product traceability throughout the entire logistics chain. Laws and international regulations for the identification and serialization of pharmaceutical products require flexible recognition systems for these different marking methods.

OCTUM ID systems read and verify variable and fixed imprints of pharmaceutical products as direct marking or on the product label. The systems have fast and secure OCR/OCV and code reading functions for 1D and 2D codes such as Pharmacode or DataMatrixCode (DMC), also according to GS1 and UDI standard. The data is read in the visible and non-visible range, e.g. UV. Reading stations can be used in the packaging line and, in addition to pure reading functionality, can also be used for the inspection of symbols and characters, position control or other quality checks.

Typical variable data read and checked on labels and products are:

  • Usability date (e.g. 2011-11-14) – static within a batch
  • Date of manufacture (e.g. 2009-12-10) – within a batch static
  • Batch number (e.g. 957148) – static within a batch
  • Valence or type (e.g. 0.4mg/L) – within a batch static
  • Serialization number (e.g. 123456) – dynamic

Typical non-variable print symbols that are checked for completeness of the print image are, for example:

  • EXP, LOT, YYYY-MM-DD and so on.

The individual stations are designed according to customer specifications and implemented as intelligent cameras or as PC-based systems with line scan or matrix cameras. The system software OCTUMISEr provides central operation and visualization of up to 99 networked intelligent cameras. The simple and clear operation allows the user, depending on his access rights, to simply observe the systems, select the format, learn new symbols and character sets or create new formats completely. Also available are the PC based systems CV-600 with the system software CV_Inspect and as 21 CFR Part 11 variant.

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