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Octum GmbH

Octum – we supply the optimum machine vision solution for you too.

Octum designs and supplies efficient machine vision solutions for automotive and pharmaceutical industry.

Since the company was established, Octum has been supplying visual inspection systems for the pharmaceutical and medical industry. With every installation, our customers benefit from these years of experience in an environment where safety is the number one priority. Octum inspection systems cover the entire process chain for vials and syringes and are also well established within the area of surface inspection of wound materials. Code recognition of all pharma-specific codes also in non-visible area as well as character recognition on labels of all kinds are an important part of enterprise-wide track & trace solutions. Octum systems support you with the fulfillment of legal specifications in the entire pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Octum machine vision systems are also integrated to great advantage in the fast production lines in the food & healthcare & cosmetics industries. Demanding customers here expect perfect-looking products - Octum solutions guarantee that only flawless products end up on the shelf. 

Octum machine vision solutions in the automotive sector (suppliers and OEM) and manufacturers of metal goods and machine builders on these industries have proven themselves in everyday production. The system software OCTUMISEr is used here for the central operation, visualization, and parameterization of up to 99 decentralized, networked smart cameras. The system software CV-Inspect based on VisionPro and / or Halcon supplies for PC-based system solutions an ideal platform for complex 2D and 3D applications:

2D and 3D completeness & assembly inspection & optical measurement

Octum inspection systems are successfully used for process control, i.e., decentralized to secure the proper implementation of certain processing steps in the production process as well as for the end of line inspection of products. 

2D and 3D surface defect inspection

Only what looks perfect is also good and safe! Surface defect inspection systems by Octum perform automatic and reliable inspections of the optical properties of individual components especially metal parts, in line at production rates.

2D and 3D robot guidance

Smooth material flow with seeing robots! Octum’s robot guidance systems reliably carry out 2D and 3D position detection and workpiece identification during the production cycle. The results are transferred directly to the robot controller and thus allow cost-effective automation of typical robotics applications.

2D and 3D reading and verification of codes and characters

Reliable identification guarantees the traceability of your parts. Octum systems for reading and verifying different 1D and 2D codes and characters (OCR/OCV) enable automatic material flow control and traceability of your products from single parts to subassemblies.

Machine vision solutions from Octum – solutions which pay off!

The automatic inspection systems from Octum support the implementation of your concepts for error-free production and reduce your costs at the same time.

Consistent and better quality of your products
Machine vision systems from Octum detect, inspect and measure your parts in-line reliably based on objective, reproducible criteria 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This assures the quality of your products; complaints and regress demands sink drastically. 

Optimization of the production processes
Octum machine vision systems can monitor every critical process in your production economically and decentralized and thus recognize defects in time to prevent already defective parts from being processed any further. At the same time, direct identification of the weak points in the production process as a prerequisite for process optimization and reduction of waste is ensured. This also applies of course for our complex inspection systems for your end products.

Securing a competitive edge
Excellent quality of your products secures your competitive edge in the global market. Good quality is a guarantee for customer satisfaction and therefore customer dedication but also offers clear advantages for the acquisition of new customers.



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