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In the food industry, strict requirements apply to the manufacturing process. Products that do not look perfect remain on the shelf – especially with food. But it's not only appearance that counts. In order to make the individual products acceptable for trade and to maintain consumer protection, many additional legal requirements regarding packaging, labelling and weight must be met in these industries.

With our machine vision solutions, we guarantee you only flawless products on the shelves and thus a high level of customer satisfaction. We develop solutions to automatically check the following criteria in your production process: packaging, purity of the products, correct printing, best before date, faultless labelling, correct closure and much more. With high quantities, your machine vision system pays for itself in a short time.

Our machine vision systems cover the following areas:

Packing weight control

on fully automatic cutting machine

Inspection of

 Ice on a stick

Position detection of

Depalletizing beer barrels

Measurement of

Thermoforming products

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