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Flawless products and satisfied customers.

Whether toothpaste, lipstick or high-quality creams and serums – discerning consumers expect verifiable effectiveness and flawless products on the shelves day after day. Products that do not look perfect remain on the shelf.

Our machine vision systems check the integrity of the packaging, the purity of the product, the correct closure and assembly, correct printing, faultless labelling and much more. Our machine vision solutions lead to savings and give you a Competitive advantages. Customers such as L'Oréal, Procter & Gamble, VITA Cosmetic and many more already rely on us.

Our machine vision systems cover the following areas:

Tube inspection

  • Particle control
  • Roundness control
  • Weld Seam Inspection
  • Reading codes & charactersn on weld seam

Cosmetic jars inspection

  • Reading codes
  • Label position control
  • Spiral offset of the labels

Ampoules Inspection

  • Inspection Contour Ampoule head
  • Test for black burners
  • Testing Printing
  • Inspection of coloured rings


  • Shape check
  • Check for damage
  • Color verification


  • Completeness check

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