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Stationary or robot-controlled visual assembly inspection for defect-free products

Only perfect products achieve the goal – 100% quality, 0% complaints!

High quality and complex parts such as chain saws, gearboxes, engines, automotive accessories, medical devices etc. are being produced on a line in constantly increasing variety. There is therefore a demand, particularly on the automatic final and intermediate inspection of these parts, for flexible solutions which handle the variety of features and versions economically and above all can grow inexpensively for future variants. The ideal solution for this class of tasks are stationary or robot-controlled 2D & 3D assembly inspections which offer maximum flexibility at low costs and future-safe.

Inspection systems from Octum for completeness and assembly inspection have been proven in industrial use use for years in many branches. Our CV-Inspect system software offers a large number of standard image processing functions for the task classes workpiece identification, 2D /3D measurement and inspection, feature inspection, code and character recognition, color recognition, texture analysis, etc. Therefore any number of 2D or 3D features such as dimensions, contours, shapes, surfaces, 1D and 2D codes and characters can be inspected. The modular structure and the simple operation of our inspection systems also enable users to create and manage any number of types or variants of workpieces. Trained customers can create new product variants, change the inspection programs, add new quality criteria, adapt tolerance limits for the inspection criteria, train new patterns and contours, configure the assignment to the classes good, bad, rework etc. among other things.

Extensive statistic functions simplify the localization of weak points in the production and therefore enable fast quality improvement or process optimization. The integrated logging and archiving also of the image data ensures continuous documentation and secures the traceability when necessary. 

Automated Visual assembly inspection at high throughput rates – solution with stationary cameras first choice.

At high cycle rates, solutions with one or more stationary cameras are still first choice for automated visual assembly inspection. Specific asynchronously switched LED lights ensure optimum contrasting in clocked processes. Different colored flashing LED lights are normally used for assembly inspection of moving parts to avoid mutual disturbances from the cameras. Cameras of any resolution and technical properties (2D cameras, line cameras, thermography cameras, 3D cameras) can be combined on an image processing system with CV_Inspect for best possible inspection of all criteria.

Automated Visual assembly inspection at low throughput rates – robot-controlled camera the flexible alternative.

The further development of the Octum system software CV_Inspect 2.0 creates the basis, by implementation of the concept of logic cameras, to supply flexible robot-controlled assembly inspections. This enables a physical camera to be used at different inspection sites with different camera parameters. By the use of lightweight robots for camera guidance, the user is also able to handle the robot without special knowledge of robotics and expensive safety precautions. A new inspection position can be added to the inspection sequence very easily by a mouse click by switching the robot to zero gravity and moving it to the new position. The extension with new inspection features is done in the usual way as before by parametrization of the inspection. Almost unlimited flexibility with previously unimaginable inspection possibilities for the dynamic and economical design of production processes is available. 


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