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From Development to Vaccination

Since the start of the COVID 19 vaccination campaign, more than 5 billion vaccine doses have already been administered worldwide. In the mass production of vaccines and required medical technology equipment such as pipettes, syringes or patches, the requirements are higher than in almost any other industry. To ensure the quality of such high production volumes, special attention is paid to automated inspection systems for 100% testing. With our campaign 'From Development to Vaccination' you will get an insight into quality assurance for pharmaceutical and medical technology with machine vision solutions from OCTUM.

From Development to Vaccination:

Part 1

Quality assurance of pipette tips for blood and PCR tests

Did you ever have to do a PCR test? Chances are high that the pipette tip used to evaluate the test has been inspected with machine vision solutions by OCTUM. You can find a detailed application report on this here.

Part 2

Quality assurance before filling vaccines

Vials must be checked before filling medications and vaccines. Did you know that all major vaccine manufactures use vial.inspect systems by OCTUM in their production? Download application report here.

Part 3

Quality assurance after filling vaccines

Ones the vaccine is filled into vials, it's essential to guarantee that it can not be contaminated. Inspection systems of the vial.inspect series by OCTUM check 100% of the vials after filling – in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU-GMP regulations. Download application report here.

Part 4

Quality assurance in syringe manufacturing

In the production of syringes, a distinction is made between three sub-processes: assembly, filling/closing and packaging. Inspection systems of the syringe.inspect series provided by OCTUM are especially designed for the high requirements in the pharmaceutical industry. Download application report here.

Part 5

Quality assurance labeling medical products

In case of a recall of medical products it is essential to ensure complete raceability.label.inspect systems by OCTUM are suitable for all format ranges and color variants of labels – reliable, fast and objective. Download application report here.

Part 6

Regulations for the automated quality assurance of pharmaceutical products

In the pharmaceutical and medical technology sector, it is the manufacturer's duty to inspect all critical components and processes as part of a 100% inspection. The production itself is subject to complex requirements from national and international standards, laws and guidelines. Download application report here.

Part 7

Automated inspection of patches and wound mterial

Did you also get a patch on the injection site after your last vaccination? Chances are high that your patch has been inspected using patch.inspect systems by OCTUM. Download application report here.