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Our machine vision systems have also proven themselves in other industries, such as the electrical or plastics industry, as robust tools for quality assurance, process control and traceability. Through innovative technological approaches, our inspection systems find even the smallest printing errors or LCD display defects. We check the correct assembly of small parts such as switches and contactors or fully assembled large ZSB such as chain saws. Even if 3D inspection or recognition is required, we have the right solution.

In the plastics industry, optical inspection systems are used either for automatic product inspection or for shape control. The inspection of the products ensures that there is no over- or under-injection and that the dimensional accuracy of the parts as well as their surface quality is correct. The in-line mould inspection ensures that there are no casting residues in the mould. Casting residues inevitably lead to defective products and the earlier a defect is detected in the mould, the lower the scrap rate. Casting residues can also damage the expensive tools, some of which are the property of the customer, leading to loss of production and image problems. By automatically checking according to objective criteria, our image processing systems ensure a smooth flow in material logistics, guarantee the traceability of each individual product and ensure that only flawless parts leave the production line in accordance with your quality criteria. We measure your critical components in the production cycle with high precision and reproducibility.

Our machine vision systems cover the following areas:

Measurement of

  • Connector
  • Thermoformed products

Inspection of

  • Coilformers
  • Sealing rings

Testing of

  • Display elements
  • LCD displays

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