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OCTUMISEr- perfect visualization, parameterization and operation of In-Sight smart cameras from Cognex.

The OCTUMISEr system software is a central operating, monitoring and parameterization software for all connected inspection stations of a production line. OCTUMISEr manages up to 99 decentral cameras of the In-Sight family from Cognex, independently of the concrete application that they are currently performing (assembly, dimension, surface inspection, reading of 1D, 2D code, OCR/OCV, label inspection, color recognition, etc.). OCTUMISEr contains the complete functional scope of the Cognex In-Sight Explorer with all evaluation functions in unchanged form.

OCTUMISEr Basis – visualization for every application.

OCTUMISEr Basis offers the following advantages in comparison with visualization with In-Sight Explorer or the VisionView visualization station from Cognex.

  • Control of all up to 99 cameras from a central point with consistent, uniform layout also after Zoom / Pan…
  • Common user management for all connected systems
  • System protection by barring & blocking of Windows functions 
  • Integrated image storage with an without overlay displays including memory space monitoring for images and inspection programs. 
  • Much faster image storage.
  • Visualization of the last x- NOK images (up to about 60 cycles/min) 
  • Booting with last used inspection program (job)
  • Integrated PDF print functionality for the documentation of the interventions and results
  • Touch operation 
  • Customer logo can be displayed on request

OCTUMISEr CFR – visualization for pharmaceutical and medical technology.

OCTUMISEr is also available as a 21 CFR part11 version with integrated audit trails, the necessary safety precautions and extended documentation and diagnostic functions for the applications in the pharmaceutical industry. OCTUMISEr CFR offers the full functional scope of OCTUMISEr plus the following performance features and advantages:

  • Audit trails according to 21 CFR Part 11 *
  • User management according to 21 CFR Part 11 *
  • Automatic archiving in SQL database 
  • Continuous backup of the database on separate data medium
  • Time-controlled backup of the database
  • Unlimited number of users 
  • Jobs/inspection programs are stored in the database (not in camera)
  • Option: customer domain connection with active directory for Microsoft Windows Server (Kerberos).

* = electronic signature is not supported at present

OCTUMISEr – communication packages

OCTUMISEr also offers extended communication functions as TCP server communication with PC and PLC with the following additional functionality

  • TCP server communication as flexible and open communication interface to PC and PLC
  • Simultaneous communication with several cameras via TCP IP
  • Alternative: Simultaneous communication with several connected cameras via TCP dig. IO interface
  • Alternative: Simultaneous communication with several connected cameras via Profinet or EIP
  • Standard command scope according to description. Also other commands according to specification and special offer can be implemented at a surcharge.
  • Total communication functionality is also logged within the CFR version independently of the logged in user.
  • Several users are also logged separately with several interface cards.

The "OCTUMISEr  DataMan" system software is an extension of OCTUMISEr Basis or OCTUMISEr CFR as a flexible, automated input management and offers the following additional functionality:

  • Linking of DataMan Reader to the automatic (non-manual and therefore user-dependent and possibly erroneous) nominal value setting
  • Translation possibility of the specified input values to other flexibly assignable, application-specific output values (enhanced system safety)  
  • Selective system-wide valid user inputs for different user rights
  • Customer-specific extensions possible according to special offer at a surcharge...



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