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Octum GmbH

Standard components from Octum – versatile in their application.

In addition to software products, hardware components which can be used in many different applications have also emerged over the years in the course of our activities as a solution provider for customized image processing solutions. The available hardware components can basically be divided into three groups:

  • Sensors or sensor heads for specific tasks
  • Mechanical components
  • Cognex products and accessories

Sensors and sensor heads.

We currently have a number of standard sensors in the program which can also be adapted customer-specifically, e.g.:

  • 3D sensor with telecentric optic and Scheimpflug adapter for in-line 3D surface inspection
  • 2D sensor head plug gap inspection for the pharmaceutical industry in stainless steel housing, insulator capable
  • 2D sensor head crimp cap inspection for the pharmaceutical industry in stainless steel housing, insulator capable
  • 2D sensor for barcode reading systems on coils at speeds of up to 300 m/min

Mechanical components.

We can produce mechanical components that are needed for the machine vision solutions quickly and flexibly in our own mechanical production. These may be VA protective housings for the In-Sight 7000 family from Cognex for use in the pharmaceutical industry, holders for cameras and lights, wobble units for large or small telecentric lights and optics and similar components.

Cognex products and accessories.

As Cognex components we offer the whole range of vision sensors  (Vision 2000, Checker), smart cameras (In-Sight 5000, In-Sight 7000, Insight Micro families) and code reading systems of the DataMan family including all accessories. These can be both standard optics, lights, cables sets as well as task-specific special components.

Just have a look or contact us if you have any special wishes.



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