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Automatic inspection systems from OCTUM – safety with no buts.

Since its foundation OCTUM has been supplying inspection systems for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. You will benefit from this many years of experience in an environment where safety is the top priority with every installation. Our inspection systems comply with the GAMP5 guidelines and the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11.

Our systems cover the complete process chain for glass bottles (vials), plastic bottles, ampoules and syringes. They are also well established in the field of surface inspection of wound materials. The recognition of all pharma-specific codes as well as the plain text recognition on labels of all kinds are important components of cross-company track and trace solutions. We support you in meeting the legal requirements throughout the entire pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Our machine vision systems cover the following areas:

Glass bottles (Vials)

  • Empty vial inspection
  • Muzzle inspection
  • Filling level inspection
  • Stopper fit inspection
  • Crimped cap inspection
  • Printing inspection on crimp caps and flip-offs
  • Completeness and packing sample inspection

Syringes (glass, plastic)

  • Syringe length measurement
  • Finger flange damage inspection
  • Syringe cap fitting inspection
  • Plunger assembly inspection
  • Safety device assembly inspection
  • Control LLA
  • Read Code
  • Completeness in the syringe nest


  • Inspection of ampoule head contour
  • Test for black burner
  • Testing of printing
  • Inspection of color rings
  • Testing for damage
  • Test for open ampoule
  • Testing on glass fibers
  • Height control

Wound material

  • Contamination and sealing
  • Dimensions and shapes
  • Structure and completeness of the layers
  • Print inspection

Pipettes and cups

  • Injection moulding defects
  • Dimensions and shapes
  • Roundness inspection
  • Bending, deformation and skew position
  • Webbing/burr
  • Presence inspection and particle inspection
  • Completeness in the rack

Plastic bottles

  • Type inspection
  • Damage inspection
  • Printing inspection
  • Dripper inspection
  • Screw cap fitting inspection


  • Verification of the label variant
  • Quality and content of the plain text printing
  • 1D and 2D codes
  • Validation of GS1 codes
  • Code grading
  • Check label position

Tubs and trays

  • Completeness of the syringe nest and tray
  • Tyvek position and seal joint inspection
  • Printing inspection on tub and nest

Containers (glass, plastic, metal)

  • Scratches and breaks
  • Position, length and correct fit of the flap
  • destroyed lateral clip
  • broken & scratched flap
  • Stains on flap and container
  • Contour and geometry inspection


  • Color Control
  • Closure control
  • Label inspection (presence, fit, spiral offset, contents, read code...)
  • Gap measurement
  • Assembly control

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