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Proven machine vision solutions for metal goods.

Automatic inspection systems from OCTUM have also proven to be robust tools for quality assurance, process control and traceability in the metalworking industry. Our systems can handle the specific tasks – whether m² large oily sheet metal parts or very small clean precision parts.

Through automatic control according to objective criteria, our systems ensure smooth processes in material logistics, guarantee the traceability of each individual product and ensure that, according to your quality criteria, only flawless parts leave the production line. We also have the right solution for 3D inspection or recognition.

Our machine vision systems cover the following areas:

Barcode reading

on coils as part of the Quality Tracking System of the steel manufacturers

2D & 3D part recognition

for loading and unloading of presses

Gripping space monitoring

on casting moulds

2D & 3D

Dimensional accuracy, completeness, surface and assembly inspection

Reading DPM codes and plain text

on all parts

3D reading of plain text

as a basis for the traceability of railway wheels and rails

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