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That every detail is right.

No compromises in safety and quality - the basic principle of the German automotive industry. Before a finished car can be offered, it passes through numerous stations in the production line with checks at each step of the process. Our machine vision systems have proven themselves for years in the automotive and supplier industry as efficient tools for quality assurance and process control.

Our systems are designed for industrial use – whether for applications in the foundry, body shop, assembly or final assembly. We support you in meeting the quality criteria of your customers and producing faultless parts.

Our machine vision systems cover the following areas:

Assembly and completeness check

on seat and engine components, displays, rear and front axles, switches, brake systems, sensor housings, transmission components, 2K plastic, ball bearings, ...

3D inspection on

Cast blanks, pistons, aluminium die cast parts, sealing rings, PTFE seals, ...

2D and 3D surface inspection on

Piston rings, deep-drawn housings, machined flange and sealing surfaces, brake discs, multilayer seals, compressor wheels, ...

3D OCR on

Engine blocks, forged parts, cylinder blocks, ZSB, ...

2D OCR on

Connecting rods, gears, machined castings, ...

Read DMC + OCR

needled, embossed, lasered, etched, printed on all surfaces

Board recognition

when loading presses, hot and cold sheets, stack detection

Measurement of

Connector pins, butt clearance piston rings, plastic housing, sealing rings, seals, ...

Type and position detection of

engine blocks, cylinder blocks, passenger car side parts, passenger car doors, connecting rods, gear wheels

Quality tracking on coils

and much more...

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