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Octum GmbH

Safe and perfect glass, plastic or metal containers.

Higher quality requirements in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries combined with faster production lines also place greater demands on the automatic inspection of the containers used. It is essential to reliably detect both critical and cosmetic defects in the production cycle and to exclude non-conforming products from further use in the process. The automatic inspection is usually carried out with intelligent cameras at cycle rates of up to 40,000 units/h.

The individual inspections can be parameterized according to customer requirements and can thus be easily adapted to a changed product spectrum. Likewise, the inspection sharpnesses can be adjusted customer- and product-specific. The execution of the complete system solution can be made GAMP5 compliant. The process coupling with specific process-related error messages enables direct process feedback and thus ensures constant quality of the delivered products. For visualization the system software OCTUMISEr is used. OCTUMISEr is also available as 21 CFR Part 11 on a stand-alone computer.

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