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2010 was Octum`s best fiscal year in the company`s history!

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The strong economical recovery in 2010 led to the best fiscal year in the company’s history.  Octum reached an increase in turnover of about 20% and more than 35% increase in incoming order volume compared to 2009. Considering that Octum had a turnover increase of more than 7% last year, the actual development is very positive.

The increase of turnover was mainly driven by the investments coming from the automotive industry.  At the same time the turnover from the pharmaceutical & healthcare industry reached the high level of last year. The positive development of incoming orders is mainly due to new applications in surface defect inspections, 3D inspections and assembly inspection. Also new developments of our System software CV-Inspect allowed us to implement sophisticated assembly inspection solutions with multiple cameras in a more economical way. Enhancing the functionality of our user interface OCTUMISEr enabled the implementation of new applications in the pharmaceutical & healthcare industry.

The increase of our work force from last year had another positive impact onto the turnover development in the actual fiscal year.

Octum is looking forward to a positive business development in the new fiscal year and thanks to all it’s customers for the fruitful cooperation in the past year.