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Defect free vials due to automated inspection of bordercaps!

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Vials are used in the pharmaceutical industry as recipients for liquid or solid products. The rubber plug on top of the vial allows the aseptic extraction of the liquid by needle penetration. In the manufacturing process vials are sterilized, filled and sealed with a plug and usually with an aluminium cap. A flared lap is formed to press down the plug by a defined force for miximal tightness. The bordercap ends with a plastic cover.  After breaking off the cover the way is free for the needle to penetrate the plug. Vials which are not properly closed and sealed may lead to contaminated products. This is why a automated 100% optical inspection of the vials is so important. 

Octum Solution – compact, fast and reliable.

Based on its long experience in this application area of machine vision, Octum is able to deliver automated vial inspection systems to machine builders and end users with best fit into their specific machines and processes. The use of a tailored sensorhead with 3 cameras and mirrors allows the automated inspection of the circular flared lap. Vials are inspected for missing caps, missing covers, defective flared lap and defective cap. All these inspections are performed at cycle times of up to 30.000 vials/h. Due to the parallel image processing in all three cameras, even faster cycle times may be achieved if needed.

Octum offers also support for validation of the installation together with the specific documentation and services. The system software is multilingual and also available as 21 CFR part 11 version.

Customer benefit.

Octum delivers standard automated inspection systems for bordercaps on vials with reliable defect detection, which fully comply with the standards in the pharmaceutical industry. By using standard machine vision components, cost effective solutions are provided which may be adapted also to product or customer needs. The inspection systems do also fit in already existing lines and vial closing machines.